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Physics is considered to be the most fundamental of all of the physical sciences. This is primarily because of its methodology of using mathematical models to describe the natural world at the smallest level. Empirical data in physics is almost always immediately followed by codification into mathematically rigorous constructs.

My studies of physics have always filled me with fascination and awe of Mother Nature. The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, but also stranger than we can imagine. Over the last few hundred years, mankind has discovered much about how physical laws shape our world. New discoveries open up new questions, leading us to new and wondrous intellectual frontiers.


There are many great sites on the Internet which talk about physics and physics-related subjects. Here are a few to get you started:

The Particle Adventure is a great site dedicated to the exciting world of particle physics. It contains educational material about fundamental particles and interactions, as well as current news from the particle physics field.

Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove of Physics is one person's attempt to aggregate physics knowledge into one place. There are many equations given for reference, making this an excellent site for quick look-up.

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