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I am a general science and engineering nut and like to play around with gadgets of all kinds. I love philosophy, psychology, and reading all manner of books. In addition, I enjoy classical music, both Western Art and South Indian Carnatic.

I have a special soft spot for computers and physics. I love to have a good discussion on these topics, and have been known to talk about them for hours on end!

About this site

The name for this site comes from a small town in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Nerur is located some 15 km away from Karur in the district of Tiruchirapalli. It is a rural village often known as the home of Swami Sadasiva Brahmendra.

Its significance to me stems from the fact that it was the original home village of my ancestors almost a century ago.


If there's anything you think I should add, or any other comments at all, please let me know. I always enjoy hearing from people who use this website.

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