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A note to the reader:

This transliteration alphabet is very similar to the one used on the net for
transcribing Indian language works into Roman script.  I have introduced
some minor changes so to make the alphabet more consistent with the English
phonetic system.  These changes were introduced so that readers could easily
and accurately read Indian language material without having to re-learn the
phonetics of the standard Roman alphabet.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please feel free to
contact me!


Sanskrit / Dravidian Language Transliteration Alphabet
     a    A    i    I    u    U   Ru  RU
     e    E    ai   o    O   ow   am  :

     k    K    g    G    n'
     ch   Ch   j    J    N'
     t    T    d    D    N
     th   Th   dh   Dh   n
     p    ph   b    bh   m
     y    r    l    v
     sh   Sh   s    H

     ksh  gny

     L    zh   r'   (additional Dravidian letters)

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